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National Recruiting Effort

Effort Launched to Recruit New Members

‘Why I’m a Hibernian’
Help us recruit new members

Why are you a Hibernian? What are the benefits of being a Hibernian? What’s your favorite thing about the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America and what’s the best activity your division does and the Order does?
As part of our new Marketing, Promotion and Advertising Committee, we are gathering content to help attract and recruit new Irish Catholics to join our Order. We’d like you to join in that effort by thinking about these questions and send your responses in writing to the National Board.

So we’d like you, in less than 100 words, respond to the statement: “Why I’m a Hibernian,” and send it to committee member John O’Connell at his Digest editor email:

We intend to use the best responses in various social media campaigns, on our national and state websites, and in other media.

We’re also planning to encourage Hibernians to make brief, informal videos that will enable brothers to tell potential membership candidates “in person” why they are Hibernians and why other Irish-American Catholics should join, and how.

We are a group of Catholic men with Irish ancestry.

We promote Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity activities and a better understanding of the Irish heritage we so proudly have. 

For membership information, leave a message on our contact page or complete the on-linApplication for Membership

Our Primary Charity is The St. Patrick Fund, This AOH state administered fund helps support our Diocesan Seminarians and Deacons in training.

Maewyn Succat was St Patrick’s birth name.

This website was created on August 26, 2017, and is still under construction.  Please Bookmark this site and check back regularly.  Comments may be left on the contact page.
Is mise i Cairdis, Aontacht, agus le Carthanacht de Críostaí True
(Yours in Friendship, Unity, and True Christian Charity)

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  1. Message:
    Lincoln and the Irish, the untold story revealed for the first time

    Irish Central | March 06, 2018 00:19

    This about our history in the USA. I had three grate uncles at the battle of Gettysburg.



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