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St Patrick’s Day Parade, Charleston , 2022 … Showing Support for Ukraine.

ceili 1Maewyn Succat, Dorchester Division 1

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Our Primary Charity is The St. Patrick Fund. This AOH state administered fund helps support our Diocesan Seminarians and Deacons in training.

Maewyn Succat was St Patrick’s birth name.

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St John the Beloved Church 

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Immaculate Conception Church 

Is mise i Cairdis, Aontacht, agus le Carthanacht de Críostaí True
(Yours in Friendship, Unity, and True Christian Charity)

AOH Clothing

See Kerrick Brown for group buying.  A state approved sash has been provided for officers by Kevin Caroll.

Oakbrook Custom Embroidery (prices subject to change)

Kelley Green Golf Shirt W/emblem  Sm-XL-$32.50, XXL-$33.50

Khaki Long Sleeve shirt W/emblem Sm-XL-$41.50. Tall -$43.50

Saxon Uniform Network:  (prices subject to change)

Kelley Green Blazer (Sizes 36-46) $74.00

Kelley Green Blazer (Sizes 48-50) $84.00

Kelley Green Blazer (Sizes 52-54) $89.00

Shipping is $12.50 per Jacket. If we get an order of 12 or more, pricing and shipping goes down.

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